Queries/Roll Calls

When emailing lookup volunteers please add something in the subject area such as "Nantucket Lookup" to alert the volunteer as to what the message is about.

Also keep in mind that these are regular people with lives, family, jobs, vacations, etc. Please give them time to respond. It might take days or even weeks before they can get back to you so please do be patient.

I'm looking for volunteers to do lookups for Nantucket. If you have a genealogy book with information on a family of Nantucket or are near a library with those books, or have access to census records or vital records, or if you can visit local cemeteries (Got a digital camera?) you can help those in search of family data. Or any other source of information that you think might be helpful. Please email me and I'll add you.

William Morgan will do lookups in "Sylvanus Macy's Macy Genealogy (1635-1868)". This book details all of the direct male descendants of Nantucket pioneer Thomas Macy.

Marge Rice would be glad to look up anything: "Nantucket; Then and Now" by William Williams, Dodd, Mead and Co. NY, 1977.

Dave Eckberg has copies of and will do brief lookups in the following books about Nantucket: "Nantucket Lands and Landowners"--Henry Barnard Worth, 1901 "The History of Nantucket, County, Island and Town"--Alexander Starbuck, 1924 "The Early Settlers of Nantucket"--Lydia Hinchman, 1934 "Thomas Gardner and Some of His Descendants"--Frank Gardner, 1907 "A Grandfather for Benjamin Franklin"--F. B. Anderson, 1940 "Starbucks All, 1635-1985"--J. C. Starbuck, 1984 "The Coffin Family"--Louis Coffin, 1962 "Away Off Shore, Nantucket"...1602-1890, Nathaniel Philbrick

Andrea Leonard has copies of and will do brief lookups in the following books about Cape Cod & The Islands "Genealogy Notes of Barnstable Families"--- Amos Otis Pub'd 1888 "History of Barnstable County, Massachusetts"--- Samuel Deyo, Editor 1890 "A History of Harwich, Massachusetts"--- Josiah Paine 1937 "Barnstable, Three Centuries of a Cape Cod Town"--- Donald G Trayser 1939 "The Coffin Family"--- Louis Coffin, Editor 1962 "Nye Family of America, Vols I, II, III, IV"--- various editors since 1903-1990 "Crocker Genealogy"--- James Russell Crocker 1966 "Osterville, A History of the Village, Vols I & II"--- Paul Chesbro 1988 & 1989 "Sandwich, A Cape Cod Town"--- R.A.Lovell, Jr. 1984 "Cemetery Inscriptions, Town of Barnstable"--- Paul Bunnell 1995 "A Crocker Genealogy, Vols I & II" Andrea Leonard 1995 & 1997

Asa K. Gage (Please include the words Nantucket Lookup in the subject area) will do lookups in "The Descendants of Richard Sares (Sears) of Yarmouth, Mass. 1638-1888." With an Appendix containing some notices of other families by the name of Sears. By Samuel P. May. Albany, NY. Joel Munsell's Sons, Publishers. 1890. I am related to all Cape Codders with the surname GAGE. I'd enjoy trading any and all Gage information.

Beverly Wesling will do lookups in "The Great Migration Begins", Anderson, Robert Charles, NEHGS, 1996

Patricia J. Rowell will do lookups in Starbuck's "The History of Nantucket County, Island and Town" (pub 1978) and Bliss' "Quaint Nantucket" (pub 1896)

Violet O. Guy has an amazing collection of books on Nantucket and other families. She will do lookups in

1)* "History of Nantucket" by Alexander Starbuck, 1924: Genalogy Section names are: Barnard, Bunker, Coffin, Coleman, Folger, Gardner, Hussey, Macy, Starbuck, Swain, Worth.
2)* "The Coffin Family, edited by Louis Coffin, 1962, NHA; & Supplement of The Coffin Family (index of daughters/wives.)
3)* "COFFIN Family Newsletters, Volumes I - XV, February 1985 - November 1999; by David P. Coffin. (Softbound into 3 books).
4) "The Genealogy of The Macy Family from 1635-1868, compiled by Sylvianus J. Macy, New York; 1868, Joel Munsell, Albany. (This book works well with the Surnames books for Ohio/Indiana migrations. - atleast as far as my COFFINs!)
5) "Vital Records of Nantucket Massachuetts to the Year 1850, Volune III -- Marriages (A-G); 1927. (Discarded by N.E. Hist. Gen. Society.) 6) "The Great Migration Begins -- Immigrants to New England 1620-1633" Robert Charles Anderson, Great Migration Study Project of NEHGS. Volume I A-F; Volune II G-O; Volume III P-W; 1995.
6) "The Great Migration - Newsletter Volumes 1-10, by Robert Charles Anderson, Copyright 2002, NEHGS.
7) "The History of Nantucket" by Obed Macy (Whale Fishery), 1880, [Reprint 1985, (Ellinwood, KS: Macy's of Ellinwood)]
8) "The History of the American Whale Fishery, etc.", by Alexander Starbuck A gift from son, but my first book in 12/1998; kept on bookself of our Arizona winter home.)
9) "Quaker Nantucket -- The Religious Community behind the Whaling Empire", by Robert J. Leach & Peter Gow, published by Mill Hill Pres, Nantucket, MA, 1997. (Paperback)
10) "Mary Coffin Starbuck and the Early History of Nantucket", by Roland L. Warren 1987. (Paperback)
11) "Valiant Friend -- The Life of Lucreta Mott", by Margaret Hope Bacon, Friends General Confrence, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.1999. (Paperback)
12) "Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire" by Sybel Noyes, Charles Thorton Libby, Walter Goodwin Davis; Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1998. [Brand new, but 2nd copy, Lake Havasu Genealogy Society, Arizona.]

Linda Clark has some old Coffin Family Newsletters that have lots of info on some early Nantucket Families. Some of my Nantucket ancestors surnames are: Coffin, Stevens, Austin, Gardner, Folger, Swain, Vaughn, Godfrey, Shattuck, Bunker, Sibley, Huntley.

Leslie Hope will do lookups in "Sylvanus Macy's Macy Genealogy (1635-1868)". This book details all of the direct male descendants of Nantucket pioneer Thomas Macy.