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When emailing lookup volunteers please add something in the subject area such as "Worcester County Lookup" to alert the volunteer as to what the message is about.

Also keep in mind that these are regular people with lives, family, jobs, vacations, etc. Please give them time to respond. It might take days or even weeks before they can get back to you so please do be patient.

I'm looking for volunteers to do lookups for Worcester County. If you have a genealogy book with information on a family of Worcester County or are near a library with those books, or have access to census records or vital records, or if you can visit local cemeteries (Got a digital camera?) you can help those in search of family data. Or any other source of information that you think might be helpful. Please email me and I'll add you.

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Look Ups

Betty Thomas - genweb04@yahoo.com

Book - " Lives Thus Spent" - Boylston Biographies
Boylston Vital Records- 1786 to 1930
BOOK - NEHG's Register, volume 152 Jan. 1998, contents:
The English Ancestry of Joseph Clark of Dedham and Medfield, MA
The Identity of Deborah Cushing's First Husband
Johnathan Bates and His only wife, Lusanna Nichols
Untangling the Evidence for Two Early MA Robbins Families [George/ Robert] 

Kirsten A. Person, 95 Christian Hill Rd., Upton, MA, 01568
The Blackstone Valley Towns - Blackstone, Douglas, Grafton, Hopedale, Mendon, Milford, Millbury, Millville, Northbridge, Sutton, Upton, and Uxbridge 

K. Sweetser - KSweetser@aol.com
Book -PAXTON MASSACHUSETTS, BIRTH, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS 1748-1850 edited by Marcia L. Membrino and Paul A. Russell, Heritage Books, 1996

Jerry Harrison - jroots@aol.com - Albuquerque, NM

My homepage is: http://members.aol.com/jroots
My LOCKE page is http://members.aol.com/jroots/locke.html
I will do lookups on two Worcester County families, LOCKE and JONES, and collateral lines. I have a database of about 17,000 descendants and collateral lines of William LOCKE, of Woburn, whose descendants dotted the towns of Worcester County. In addition, I have a similarly large database on the JONES family which settled in Lunenburg. They were descendants of Lewis and Ann JONES. My personal library is large, as well, on these families.

Dev Clifford
Book - History of Hardwick by Lucius R. Paige,published by Houghton, Mifflin in 1883. The book has an indexed 223 page Genealogical Register in addition to a general history.

Julie Bright - jbright@capecod.net

Book - Quaboag Plantation, Dr. Louis Roy,M.D. 1965
Book - History of East Brookfield 1686-1970, Dr. Louis Roy,M.D. 1970

Beverly Berry Hanner - BumbB@aol.com
Directory - 1932 Polk City Directory for Worcester, Mass.
VITAL RECORDS - all Mass Towns births Deaths and Marriages from the 1700's to 1850 

Ed Cooper - MOKYD@aol.com
lookups for people in Clinton, MA 

Bev Rainey
Vital Records Book - Charlton Vital Records to 1850
CEMETERY - Northside Cemetary - I have some good photos of Hammond and Wheelock stones. 

Scott Colson - scottcolson@pol.net
YEARBOOKS - I have the 1937 and 1940 yearbooks "the Saxifrage" from State Teachers College in Fitchburg, AND 1937 Leominster High School yearbook. 
DIRECTORY - 1936 Leominster Directory. I would be willing to do lookups and also scan and email any pages. 

Jill Nick - jjsnick@ncweb.com
BOOK - "A Brief Genealogical History of Robert Starkweather of Roxbury and Ipswich, Massachusetts" who was the Original American Ancestor of all Those Bearing the Name of Starkweather and of His Son John Starkweather of Ipswich, Mass. and Preston, Conn and of his descendants in various lines 1640-1898. By Carlton Lee Starkweather, M.D. *** I need first name, last name, birthdate (if known), parents, and maiden if not Starkweather.

David Robinson - haruspex@coldcomfortfarm.com
Roy's History of East Brookfield, Massachusetts 1686-1970
The Great Migration Begins, Vols. I-III 

Ann Pondaven - sheppond@yahoo.com
VITAL RECORD BOOK - "The Birth, Marriage and Death Register, Church Records and Epitaphs of Lancaster Massachusetts. 1643-1850" Edited by Henry S Nourse, A. M. BOOK - "Abijah P. Marvin's History of the Town of Lancaster... 1792-1856" 

Jackie - JGill29371@aol.com
VITAL RECORD BOOK - Athol MA VR to the year 1849/50

Michelle former_hker@yahoo.com
Census - Shrewsbury 1855 State Census, Shrewsbury 1830 census
Vital Records - Vital records of Shrewsbury to 1850 

Marilyn Labbe - mlabbe3@juno.com 
CEMETERY - I have Dudley/Webster Cemetery records recorded by George Maynard in 1906/7. And a copy of the Dudley cemeteries done in 1982. Neither is indexed but I will do lookups. 

Kate LeChasseur - k_madison@hotmail.com 
BOOK - "Once Told Tales of Worcester County" -- a great little anecdotal history by Albert B. Southwick. Go HERE for a list of surnames. 

Priscilla - ToyTown25@aol.com
CEMETERY - I am able to do cemetery lookups for the towns of Ashburnham, Westminster, Hubbardston, Phillipston,Winchendon, Templeton/Baldwinville

Larry S Saint Cyr - lsc@comcast.net 
BOOK - "History of Ashburnham" by Ezra S. Stearns, published in 1887 
BOOK - History of Ashburnham from 1885 to 1965 
BOOK - "Focus on old houses of Ashburnham"
VITAL RECORDS - Ashburnham vital records to 1850
Also will do cemetery look ups with in the town of Ashburnham . 

Marilyn McGuire - moomc@comcast.net 
DIRECTORY - The Worcester [City] Directory for 1871, by Henry J. Howland, published Worcester: Luther H. Bigelow, 239 Main St. 
The ususal information includes,Name, address, occupation. There is also a business directory and general information. 

Daniel David Lewis Frommherz - daniel_lewis_frommherz@mckenzievalleymarket.com 
BOOK - History of the town of Sutton, Massachusetts, from 1704 to 1876; including Grafton until 1735; Millbury until 1813; and parts of Northbridge, Upton and Auburn , by Benedict William Addison, Sanford and Co.1878. 

TommyD - TommyD@LeominsterHigh.com
BOOK - I have Leominster High School yearbooks from 1924, 1926 & 1927, 1930, 1943,1944,1945,1946, 1957, 1962,1963,1964,1965, 1966, 1967, 1968 and 1969, 1984 available for Look-Ups

Fran Sears-Cook - http://biosearchonline.com/request_biography.html
Please check for your name and request bio from webpage.
BOOK - Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of Worcester County;
Ellery Bicknell Crane, 1907 (4 Volumes - 3500 biographies) 
Search bios
Request Bio

Kristi - thewingfamily@ymail.com 
I currently live near Gardner, MA., and I am willing to take cemetery pictures, and do some research for those who request it.